STUDIO V5arquitectes

Our work team is formed by an interdisciplinary group to ensure the correct interaction in all the elements that make up the project, ensuring the success of any assignment.



We carry out all kinds of architecture projects and we are specialized in single-family homes. We combine design, functionality and comfort in our works, understanding the needs and tastes of the client to adapt them to each project. For this reason, if you wish, we accompany you in all phases of the project, from urban planning advice for choosing the plot to the landscaping and interior design project of your work.


Building a house means in addition to an illusion, starting on a long road full of challenges. We consider the care of the smallest detail of vital importance, that is why we offer our clients comprehensive management services, coordinating the different professionals involved in the complex construction process. In this way we provide a much more exhaustive follow-up, achieving maximum control over the execution times, the quality and of course, the cost of the work, making the process more comfortable and safe to obtain your final objective, the house of their dreams.


We treat each of the buildings that are the object of our intervention with great sensitivity, seeking to adapt to new needs, but always highlighting the qualities of traditional architecture. We have more than 20 years of experience carrying out all kinds of renovations and renovations that have given us great professional satisfaction.


Design and functionality are two essential premises in all our projects, therefore we offer our clients the possibility of complementing the architecture project with an interior design project that puts even more value on the architecture in which it is located, adapting the choice of colors, textures and furniture to each room.


The way in which each space is related to its surroundings is key to a good integration with the landscape. From the landscaping project, we offer help for the choice of vegetation and pavements, as well as its maintenance system, seeking sustainability in our work and integrating native and Mediterranean species with different garden elements.


We offer all kinds of urban and real estate advice, guiding the client in the acquisition of the best plot or property for the development of any project, as well as the exhaustive study of current urban regulations in order to offer the best possibilities of legalization, construction, reform or enlargement.


Llorenç Jaume

Architect-Founding Partner

An architect by vocation, an expert in design, structural calculation and construction management, with more than 25 years of experience behind him. With great team-skill, providing a vision of architecture in a global, simple and efficient way.

Patricia Pérez

Architect-Founding Partner

Passionate about architecture and design, she specializes in the creative part of the construction process. She understands that architecture is to live. She has more than 15 years of experience in both new construction and rehabilitation.

Miquel Antoni Nicolau

Project Manager

Charming personality, with his work he facilitates the integral management of the work for the client, optimizing time, resources and the final economic cost.

Anna-Katharina Pinecki


She doesn’t only have a great creative capacity, also her German nationality allows her to manage projects with international clients very efficiently.


V5arquitectes is not only an architecture studio. That is why the idea of Espai V5 was born, a meeting place where all kinds of artistic and cultural disciplines have a place. Architecture has always been closely related to sculpture, painting, music, poetry, theater. We intend Espai V5 to be a space that is open to people, to the exchange of ideas, where exhibitions, small concerts, workshops, among other activities and events take place.